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2(f),12(B) Status

Estd.- 1976

Maharaja Lakshman Sen Memorial College, Sundernagar

Lalit Sen Institute Of Business Education & Technology

A Post-Graduate Institute Affiliated to HPU, Shimla/SPU, Mandi
NAAC Accredited with Grade 'B'

Anti Ragging

Report any act of Ragging to the following numbers

MLSM Office : 01907- 266339

LSIBET Office : 01907– 267549

Hon’ble Supreme Court of India vide its judgment dated 4th May 2001, 16th May 2007 and 11th February 2009, has outlined various steps which a institution should adopt to curb the menace of ragging in Educational Institutions. These steps have been adopted by M.L.S.M. College, Sundernagar.



Where senior causes mental harassment/discomfort to a junior by forcing him/her to answer unacceptable/personal questions, to dance, to sing etc.


Where the mental harassment/discomfort is to such an extent that it forces to junior to withdraw from the college.


Any act by senior towards junior which inflicts badly injury on junior. Like beating the junior, hitting him/her by the objects etc.


Where the senior asks the junior to do an act which violates sexual dignity of the junior.

Say No To Ragging

Anyone involved in any manner in act of ragging is liable for punishment including :

  • Cancelation of Admission.
  • Suspension From Attending Classes.
  • Withdrawing Scholarship And Other Benefits.
  • Suspension, Expulsion From Hostel.
  • Expulsion From Institution And Consequently Debarring From Admission To Any Other Institution.
  • Fine Upto Rs. 50,000/- Imprisonment or Both.

Report any act of RAGGING to the following members :


Anti Ragging Committee

Sr. No. Name Mobile Number
1. Ms. Vijay Abrol 9418642541
2. Dr. Vinod Sharma 9418488016
3. Dr. Mukesh Verma 9418052020
4. Mr. Sanjay Sharma 7018314981
5. Dr. Neerupama Kohli 9418022227
6. Dr. Manoj Sharma 9816002441
7. Dr. Savitri Sharma 9418095496
8. Dr. Naresh Verma 7018178203
9. Dr. Ashish Gautam 9418302313
10. Mr. Rajmal 9418194595
11. Dr. Sukhvir Singh 9418013716
12. Mr. Lokesh Sharma 9418017464
13. Mr. Anil Guleria 7018900973
14. Dr. Shashikant Sharma 9418325277
15. Dr. Vivek Kumar (Bio) 7018532346
16. Mr. Mandeep Singh 9736230737
17. Mr. Ashish Kumar 9459777150

Our Achievements

Self Financing Scheme

Pioneer institution to start courses under Self financing scheme in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Concept of B. Ed.

First college in the state to introduce the concept of B. Ed. under self financing scheme.

M. Sc.

First college in the state to introduce M. Sc’s in Physics and Chemistry.

Excellence in Sports

Has consistently maintained a tradition of excellence in sports and culture for the last 40 years.


Designated as Centre of Excellence for Boxing by the District Sports Council, Mandi.


Presently has 17 departments with a student strength of more than 3000.