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2(f),12(B) Status

Estd.- 1976

Maharaja Lakshman Sen Memorial College, Sundernagar

Lalit Sen Institute Of Business Education & Technology

A Post-Graduate Institute Affiliated to SPU, Mandi
NAAC Accredited with Grade 'B'


The subject aims at expanding the mental horizon of students to groom their personality and make them rational human beings. This makes them capable for making career in government sector, policy analysis, business and journalism.
Economics Department of M.L.S.M College Sundernagar acquaints the students with the basic concept of economics. Economics is an art and a science of choice making between ends and scarce means which have alternative uses to obtain maximum satisfaction welfare and growth. As part of the preparation process, the Economics Department faculty, has adopted the specific programme outcomes to be achieved by the Economics department.
They are as following:
PSO 1:- Enables the students to have in depth knowledge of various problems and issues faced by Indian and World economy.
PSO 2:- To expose them to the basic principles of micro economics and macro economics.
PSO 3:- Analyze macro economic policies including fiscal and monetary policies of India.
PSO 4:- To give them the knowledge regarding International business relations and theories of foreign trade.
PSO 5:- Determine economic variables including inflation, unemployment, poverty, GDP, Balance of payments using statistical methods.
PSO 6:- To impart them knowledge of models, strategies and theories of economic growth.
PSO 7:- To instill in them deeper understanding of rural and urban India and issues their in.
PSO 8:- Understand the behaviour of financial and money markets and perform Cost-benefit analysis for making investment decisions.
PSO 9:- To let them realize that the new economic order of liberalization, privatization and globalization is a better part to discharge government responsibilities to the nation.
PSO 10: Develop in them the understanding to deal with the collection of data and how data can be summarized and analyzed for drawing statistical inferences.
PSO 11:- Also highlight the basic features, characteristics and developmental issues of The Economy of Himachal Pradesh.
Prospects for the students graduating with BA in Economics
Economics is considered as an evergreen subject due to its high utility and huge demand in the job markets. Economics’ graduates are in demand not only in India but all across the world for rapidly globalizing economic scenario. Economists are required in both public and private sectors. They get prestigious jobs in the government sector like Indian Economics services, Indian Civil Services, Reserve Bank of India, Commercial Banks, National sample survey, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NITI Aayog, National Council for Applied Economic Research and National institutions of Public Finance and Policy, Directorate of Economics/Statistics and Ministry of Labour and Employment.
In private sector, Economics graduates are absorbed in banks, MNC’s, BPO’s, KPO’s, business journals, newspaper and other media. They can work in organisations as economic advisors, consultants, financial analysts and stock market analyst. They can also opt for the degree of Chartered Accountancy. Even social activists, media persons and politician seek help of economics terminology in raising their slogans. Administrators feel more comfortable if they are well-versed in economics terminology.
Graduates of Economics from our college have been appointed as accountants in nationalized banks and cooperative banks, teachers in schools, lectures in colleges, lawyers, enumerators in statistical Departments of Himachal Pradesh, invigilators in National Sample Survey Organisation and National Council of Applied Economics Research and investigators in CSO’s and even as Judicial Magistrates in Himachal Pradesh.
Talented and qualified faculty has been instrumental in the growth of the Department. Every year the college gets an overwhelming response for Economics at undergraduate level. In future too, the department would strive to maximize its achievements.

Course Outcome of BA Economics
Discipline specific courses Semester Course Code Course Name Course Outcomes
1. I ECON 101 Principles of Macroeconomics –I

Core Economics I
CO.1 It provides basic understanding of macroeconomics concepts The students are expected to learn the simple relationship in the theories of consumption production ,costs and revenues
2. II ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics –II

Core Economics II
CO.1 This is in sequence to the 1st semester paper. It is expected that students will develop an understanding of the functioning of goods and factor market
3. III ECON 303 Principles of Macroeconomics –I

Core Economics III
CO.1 With this course students are expected to understand the concept of natural income and the theories of Income and Employment

CO.2 They will also understand Money & Theories of money
4. IV ECON 404 Principles of Macroeconomics –I

Core Economics IV
CO.1 The course is expected to develop skill in economic reasoning .The vital skill is expected to help them in understanding & solving aggregate economic problems
Skill Enhancement Courses
5. III ECON 313 Introduction to statistics CO.1 The students are expected to acquire statistical skills that are necessary for further studies in most branches of social sciences
6. IV ECON 416 Economy of H.P. CO.1 Understanding of the state economy will help to prepare them for competitive examination.
7. V ECON 517 Indian Economy CO.1 The course will enable the student to have a good understanding to the structure achievement issues and prospectus of Indian economy
8. VI ECON 620 Money & Financial Markets CO.1 Student will learn the role of can Central and commercial banks in the process of money creation and control.
Discipline Specific Elective Courses(DSE)
9. V ECON 505 Public Finance CO.1 This course will be useful for students aiming towards careers in the government sector, policy analysis, business and journalism.
10 V ECON 507 Development Economics CO.1 The students are expected to develop an interrelated approach to resources use.
11. VI ECON 610 International Economics CO.1 The students are expected to acquire skill that will help them to take a rational decision in issues relating to International economies.
12. V BA ECO 0510 Development & Planning (Major) CO.1 The students are expected to develop an integrated approach to resources use and how poverty is measured and coefficient used to measure inequalities of income
13. V BA ECO 511 History of Economics Thought (Major) CO.1 The student will have a thorough understanding of the evolution of Economics
14. V BA ECO 0512 Indian Economy-Problems &Policies (Major & Minor) CO.1 The students are expected to have a good understanding of issues and prospectus of Indian Economy
15. VI BA ECO 0613 International Economics (Major) CO.1 The students are expected to acquire skills that will help them to rational decisions in issues related to international economics
16. VI BA ECO 0614 Money & Banking (Major & Minor) CO.1 The student will learn the role of Central and Commercial banks in the process of money creation and control
17. VI BA ECO 620 Economy of H.P. (Elective Course) CO.1 This make student understand Himachal economy and help them to prepare for competitive examination

Teaching Staff

Name : Dr. Nirupama Kohli (H.O.D.)

Email :

Mobile No. : 9418022227

Qualification : M. A., M.Phil., Ph.D.

Name : Dr. Raksha Sharma

Email :

Mobile No. : 9459763119

Qualification : MA, M. Phil, Ph. D

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Our Achievements

Self Financing Scheme

Pioneer institution to start courses under Self financing scheme in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Concept of B. Ed.

First college in the state to introduce the concept of B. Ed. under self financing scheme.

M. Sc.

First college in the state to introduce M. Sc’s in Physics and Chemistry.

Excellence in Sports

Has consistently maintained a tradition of excellence in sports and culture for the last 40 years.


Designated as Centre of Excellence for Boxing by the District Sports Council, Mandi.


Presently has 17 departments with a student strength of more than 3000.